Download: Google Releases Android 9 Pie Final Factory Images For Pixel Phones Today

Google is officially calling Android 9 as “Pie” and after months of developer preview, today, the search giant has released for download final factory images and OTA update for compatible Pixel, Pixel 2, Essential Phone. Here are the details.

The company behind the Android 9 release, Google has continued the desert theme by going with something short and sweet. Android 9 is now Android Pie, and it’s all set to go live today.

When compared to previous releases, there hadn’t been that much excitement over what Android 9 would be called this time around. But now, we know it does at least mean that those playing guessing games can move onto something else.

Rumors for Android P somewhat suggested the name would get Android Pecan or Android Pistachio, amongst others. But with Android Pie now here, we at least know what we’re getting into moving forward.

It’s now official, Google also confirmed that it (Android Pie) will be using the Android 9 moniker, rather than Android 9.0. Just in case you were wondering.

When the software is concerned, it’s going to be rolling out to Pixel devices via OTA update. With everyone else having to play the usual waiting game. However, those who participated in the Android P beta gameplay such as OnePlus and Essential should have updates landing this week, too. In fact Essential has announced that it will be releasing some day as Pixel phones, something that will no doubt be an irritation to those using phones from competing manufacturers.

Feature-wise this will be much the same version of Android P that was released as a developer preview two weeks ago, complete with new iPhone X-copy swipe-based navigation and Adaptive Battery.

While Digital Wellbeing will not make this update. With Google saying it will arrive on Pixel phones at some point this fall. That said, however, the feature is available in beta to Pixel users over at Simply head on over to the following URL and sign up to enroll yourself as the developer for the beta feature.

There is the new Slices feature which will also be absent for now, although no beta for that is on the horizon, currently.

Let’s see what new hardware Google has up its sleeve later in the year! Bring on the Pixel 3!

OTA and Factory Images of Android 9 Pie is available to download for the first and second-generation of Pixel phones. Full OTA images can be found over at, while complete Factory Images can be grabbed right from

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