Google Announces ‘Android P’ With Support For iPhone X-Style Notches

According to Google, the newly announced Android update, Android P – gains support for display notches built into Android devices that almost mimic the design of the Apple’s iPhone X.

Android P offers support for “the latest edge-to-edge screens with display cutout for camera and speaker,” with a new “DisplayCutout” class for outlining the size and shape of a notch on an Android device.

Several other Android phone makers using the same feature of an edge-to-edge display with an included notch much like the iPhone X. The Leagoo S9, for example, is the cheapest ($156 iPhone X clone) that features slim side bezels and a front notch, with a design that looks very much like the iPhone X.

Leagoo S9

Another manufacturer also announced a similar smartphone with a notch at the top of the display, Asus ZenFone 5 also adopts a design that uses a notch, and when it was unveiled, Asus bragged that its notch is 26% smaller than the notch on the iPhone X. Although it could be, the idea behind implementing is official from Apple.

In the Clone War, other devices as iPhone X copycats have surfaced from Chinese vendors, which are almost 23, such as the Boway “Notch Series,” and with official Android 9.0 P support for notch-style designs. As we are likely to see more and more Android smartphones that aim to emulate the iPhone X. Even more well-known Android smartphone vendors are embracing the notch, with LG’s upcoming G7 Neo said to include a notched design, Huawei P20 is another and also the OnePlus 6 coming with a notch as well.

Renders of the upcoming LG G7

Reason why Apple implemented a notched design in the iPhone X? In an effort to maximize the available display area, while the notch houses a TrueDepth camera assistant, which includes several components necessary for Face ID. Android companies copying Apple’s new design aren’t using the notch in the same way, but with currently available models instead offering fingerprint scanners rather than facial recognition.

In addition to notch support, Android P includes several other notable new features, among others. An indoor positioning APIs, enhanced notifications, multi-camera support, HEIF image support, design tweaks and changes, restricted access to the mic, camera, and hardware, and more.

Android P Developer Preview 1 ROM is available to download for developers starting today. With a public release to come in the future following beta testing. Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL are only currently compatible devices to try Android P DP1 on. Google is warning that Android P is in the early stages of development and should not be installed on a primary device, instead use a test device for now.

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