Download Android M Developer Preview For Nexus 5, 6, 9, Nexus Player [Direct Links]

The Android M Developer Preview has been announced and now it’s to time to try it out on a Nexus device first. Download links of Android M DP is now available right from here. More details on which Nexus version device support developer preview of Android M download can be found below. Direct links!

With Google I/O 2015 now in full rage following the conclusion of the opening keynote. App developers the world over are eager to get their first and foremost taste of the newly announced version of Android – Android M. New update is still in its early stage of pre-release, but developers need to install it for a variety of reasons, not least to ensure their apps work with what will soon enough be Google’s newest version of its mobile operating system.

Said that it would be making developer previews of Android M available and Google made it as promised, with developers able to boot the preview of Android M for devives across the Nexus smartphones and tablet ranges. Loaded with a plethora of features, support for Android Pay, app permissions, Now on Tap, Custome Chrome tabs, app links, fingerprint support, Dozed – battery saving feature, improved volume controls and many more. Try it out, if you own a Nexus device that is eligible to get Android M right away.

Developers wishing to give Android M the once can now download an image for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and even the Nexus Player which should be enough for most devs to at least get started on their compatibility work. The oft-mentioned downloads are obviously free, and you can be able to grab it right now – links at the foot of this post.

Live now! Could be possible that non-developers will also want to install these previews, with Android enthusiasts keen to try out what new enhancements and bug fixes have been included in this new release. Google still some away off having Android M ready for primetime even before carriers and hardware makers get their hands on it. With that in mind we suggest you don’t rush out to install Google’s Android M images just yet unless you have a valid reason. As its the first developer release of a new version of a highly complicated mobile OS. Expect bugs. Expect strange goings on. Expect crashes. And if you decide to give Android M a try, just remember that it’s all part of the game, then you are going to face the last second lines.


The direct download links of the Android M developer preview images are as follows:

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