Android P Pixel Launcher Port Download Available For Oreo And Other Devices

You can now download Android P Pixel Launcher APK for any device running Android on it. Here are the details.

We have already been in touch with Google’s first developer preview of Android P, which has been released recently to Pixel devices. Those who have taken the chance to install it on their test devices continue to poke around to see just what new changes have been made.

It’s also worth remembering that this is a developer preview, as it is suggested you do not install it on your primary Pixel device for obvious reasons. If, however, you want to get a taste of Android P without going full unclear on your phone, you can give its launcher a try thanks to a port of the launcher released by Quinny899.

The full Android P Pixel Launcher version v9-4623511 is now available to download on servers right now for those intrepid enough to want to give it a better go right away.

The same launcher is said to be a perfect fit on Android 8.1, and in our own test of running the launcher on a Galaxy S7 Edge Android 7.1.1 Nougat, the launcher performed flawlessly. But again, be sure to let us know if you get the Android P Pixel Launcher installed on something more exotic!

If you do install the Android P Pixel Launcher then you will notice the newly redesigned bottom area of the screen which is now a panel that can be swiped up. The familiar Google Search bar also gained a voice icon, too, allowing quick voice input.

Google launched the Android P Developer Preview 1 for Pixel devices ahead of an official release for all users later this tear.

To download Android P Pixel Launcher for your Oreo-based or other devices, simply grab the download link for the APK over here and install it on your device.

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