How To Install AppValley On iOS 10 / iOS 11 Without Jailbreak [No PC Required]

Here’s how to download and install the AppValley app on iOS 10 and iOS 11 devices. No jailbreak or computer is required for it to get this app up and running on an iPhone or iPad.

It’s worth noting that AppValley is a perfect alternative to how TuTuApp or vShare works. AppValley lets users browse through and download various modified apps or hacked experiences without having to go through Apple’s official iOS App Store. Without further ado, let’s jump straight in and take a look at the steps required to get up and running with AppValley.

Step 1: On the Apple device (iPhone or iPad), running either iOS 10 or iOS 11, launch Safari web browser and navigate to the dedicated AppValley VIP site at the following address:

Step 2: Once the page loads, you will see a visual that depicts the app, and also a big button that is shown in the center of the display titled “Install AppValley“. Tap on this button to begin the installation process.

install appvalley now

Step 3: Exit Safari. Go back to the device Home screen. You will see that iOSis going through the usual process of installing app. If you try and launch the app then you will be greeted with an alert informing that the installation comes from an “Untrusted Enterprise Developer.” So you have to first Trust that developer.

Step 4: Launch Settings and select General. Locate the Profiles & Device Management option. Find the profile installed alongside the AppValley installation and make sure that it is trusted. Confirm the action when iOS provides a prompt. Screenshot below.

Step 5: Once done, simply tap on AppValley app icon from Home screen to launch it. The app should now be active to launch successfully as the enterprise certificate has been trusted. You can now browse/start to use AppValley just like you wuld with any other app of this nature.

Now that it is up and running, make sure to browse through all of the available app categories, as well as checking out the modified experiences, such as Pandora++, which can be installed instantly without any additional software requirements.

Update x1: AppValley 2.0 IPA Download For iOS 11 Released

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