Download Beta 1 Of OS X 10.11.5, watchOS 2.2.1, tvOS 9.2.1 Right Now!

Although the aforementioned aren’t publicly release updates and not available to download by unregistered members and beta testers, but Apple took the opportunity to roll out its major platforms after the recent “Let us loop you in” event. It seems the company is back hard at work on the progression of its software platforms. After releasing iOS 9.3.2 beta 1 for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, has now released beta 1 seeds of OS X 10.11.5 El Capitan, watchOS 2.2.1 for Apple Watch and tvOS 9.2.1 for Apple TV to continue its progress on each platform.


Details In Brief:

OS X 10.11.5 Beta 1

This will be the initial pre-release seed of fifth update to OS X 10.11 follows hot on the heels of OS x 10.11.4, made an official public outing after Apple’s recent Spring 2016 event.The latest OS X firmware release suggests that Apple hasn’t made any big deal here – if anything – that could be considered user-facing. Inital investigation into this release is very likely that this update includes minimal number of performance improvements behind the scenes that have been described to improve the overall experience across the company’s range of Mac systems.


watchOS 2.2.1 Beta 1

Similar to the OS X 10.11.5, the initial beta and the first pre-release seed of watchOS 2.2.1 also follows a fairly prominent watchOS 2.2 update, doesn’t actually introduce any user-facing changes. Changelog page of Apple data informs everyone downloading the update contains bug fixes and the obligatory performance improvements that are designed to promote an overall positive user-experience to those interacting with the Apple Watch on their wrist. Possibilities there still include changes to fix additional issues found in watchOS 2.2. We will update if any info becomes available.

With a device registered for Apple’s developer firmware updates can grab the latest update via the Apple Watch app on the connected iPhone through the Software Update mechanism.


tvOS 9.2.1 Beta 1

Owners of fourth-generation Apple TV will enthusiastically looking forward to seeing what Apple do with the underlying tvOS platform. The popularity of Apple TV 4 makes anyone happy to know about what’s upcoming into their television. This latest pre-release seed is a definite continuation of that tvOS firmware, but it seems nothing really exciting to write home. Like most updates that follow on form a fairly significant release, tvOS 9.2 in this case, the first beta of tvOS 9.2.1 contains nothing more than the standard bug fixes and performance improvements.


Installation of this inital tvOS 9.2.1 beta will require having the Apple TV connected to a computer via a USB-C cable, and installking the firmware file directly from iTunes or using official Apple Configurator.

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