How To Install Betternet++ On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Trying to find a VPN that is worth it? Here’s how you can download and install Betternet++ app IPA on an iOS 10 running iPhone. No jailbreak is required for this to work.

An application called Betternet offers an unlimited VPN security feature, with functionality such as automatically connecting a user to the fastest VPN server and also offers a simple, one-tap login to VPN experience. The service we find that this mobile-focused provider offers a decent free and cheap VPN service, and where Betternet++ comes in. If you are ready to get up and running with everything that Betternet++ offers, then jump into the steps below to go through the process.

Step 1: You will be going to need first is Betternet++ IPA file before you can do anything in possession. You need this to be able to physically get it installed on the device independent of the App Store. You can download that IPA file right from here.

Step 2: With the IPA downloaded, sideloading becomes as simple(ish) task of getting it onto the iOS 10 device. Depending on the machine that you are using, there are actually two different ways of doing this, both of which outlined below.

Step 3: Once the Betternet++ app installed, it’s time to head into the relevant process of the Settings app on the iOS device and ensure that the installation is trusted by the underlying system. Launch settings and navigate to General > Profiles & Device Management (this may just be called Profiles on some iOS versions).

Step 4: With the profile assigned to the Betternet++ installation, tap on it. This will bring up a new page contacting additional information about the profile. There will be another option in the center that allows you to trust the installation. Tap on that and confirm the action.

Betternet++ Free VPN App for iOS
And all things get great and even better while using its as a virtual private network on your iOS device. With the app installed, and the profile set as trusted internally by the system, it’s now possible to locate the Betternet++ app and you can easily launch it just like you would with any other app.

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