Download: Cydia Eraser Updated For iOS 10.2, 10.2.1, 10.3.3 Jailbreak

Saurik has released an update for the Cydia Eraser tool which offering immediate compatibility for devices running iOS 10.2, iOS 10.2.1, and iOS 10.3.3.

To those iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device owners running a jailbreak, here’s the excellent and highly-anticipated news. As Cydia Eraser tool has now been updated, and is very useful for them, either jailbroken their devices through yalu102 (on iOS 10.2), or Saïgon (on iOS 10.2.1).

Jay Freeman, a developer behind Cydia Eraser has started rolling out an update to its re-jailbreaking tool. For those that may be new to the jailbreak community, or who have been here before but, aren’t specifically au fait with new tools, suits, and packages which are now offered, Cydia Eraser is yet another best tools provided by the Saurik.

The man who is often referred to as the “Godfather of Jailbreaking and of course Cydia Store.” He is now involved in the community given the years of dedication and service that he has given to the world. Thankfully, he is still here and is still pumping out excellent and valuable tools and compatibility updates for existing offerings.

About Cydia Eraser, and from its features perspective. Cydia Eraser exists to do one thing in particular; to essentially remove any evidence of a jailbreak on the device and to revert that device back to what we would call it “stock” state. This is the state, with a standard installation of Apple’s iOS before yalu102 or Saïgon was ran on the hardware without having to go through a restore using iTunes.

It also puts the device in a stock state on the firmware it was already running, whether signed by Apple or not. Rather than forcing an upgrade to the latest available version of iOS in all it means. It can still be jailbroken on the same firmware if the user so desires.


Now that, if you have been waiting for this update to the Cydia Eraser package, and are operating a jailbroken iOS 10.2 or iOS 10.2.1 device, then, you are going to want to grab the latest Cydia Eraser tool right away with the added compatibility.

However, the version number may be different, but the instructions on how to use Cydia Eraser remains same. You can go through our special guide here.

While the updated tool does add support up to iOS 10.3.3, it’s not that much useful for 10.3.3 as yet as there isn’t any public jailbreak available for that particular firmware version. But it’s a good sign that the tool is future-proof in case a jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 does show up in the future.

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