Download Cyrus V2 Installer For Installing Jailbreak Tweaks Without Cydia

You can now download Cyrus V2 Installer for installing iOS 10 tweaks without jailbreak or Cydia on compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Here are the details.

Recently, we have shared the original version of Cyrus Installer highlights and if you have already been using it to install apps, tweaks, and modified experiences without needing to be jailbroken, then you are going to love the version 2.0 of the app, which introduces a fresh new design as well as making a lot easier to navigate and install all of the content hosted within.

Yes, of course the original Cyrus Installer was one of those “Cydia alternatives” which was relatively easy-to-use, simple to install, and has managed to get a lot of traction early based on the fact that it offered a fairly decent selection of content for users to peruse and install. Like other many installer apps, it doesn’t actually need a device to be jailbroken o to have any type of root access in order to function. The team behind Cyrus has taken aback by the success of the platform and have moved swiftly to try and make it even better with an overhauled version 2.

The whole bringing in a new layout customization tool which lets the end-user dictate how the application physically looks. Therefore, the overhaul design adds new themes and updated tweaks section which gives a hugely improved experience for all of those interacting with it. That visual improvement also involves new fonts and newly designed buttons to make content more accessible and appealing to all Cyrus users.

All of the changes within the latest version not only appear to include new features but also focused on improving the overall user-experience – also ensuring that the relevant information is at the user’s fingerprints as soon as they want it. It’s more user friendly and as a whole experience more usable. In a marketplace where there are lots of competitors, such as the best TweakBox, AppValley, TuTuApp etc. as an example, each individual platform really needs to make subtle changes to make itself stand out from the crowd.

Also there are cons with Cyrus as it is taking the step forward, still certain elements that let it down, such as an overlay cartoonish interface and slow loading times are likely derived from the fact that it appears to be a web app running in a native app shell.

Still, version 2 is definitely an improvement when compared to the older one, worth downloading. To get started simply head over to and hit the download button to begin downloading and installing Cyrus V2 on your iPhone or iPad.

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