Dropbox’s New Smart Sync Lets You Open Cloud Files Like Any Other Paper File

Dropbox has finally taken its note-taking app ‘Paper’ out of public beta testing to introduce its collaborative editing software. Launched ‘Smart Sync’ for business users as well. Here’s what is new?


Similar to Google Docs, the service offers Dropbox Login account holders a minimalist document editor and conversational tools for collaborative projects. The newly announced office suite ‘Paper’ lets users review and revise work in a single, shared space which includes an image gallery feature, advanced search across files and comments, and a notification system that eventually works across both the iOS app and the web version of the service.

Dropbox’s Paper is the answer to Google Docs, which was originally released last year in August. It’s an online document creation tool which allows groups to edit and collaborate on projects in a single workspace. Web version of Paper supports 21 languages, with similar support for the mobile apps in the Dropbox pipeline. Mobile support for offline workspaces is also coming soon.


Users can see and add Dropbox files in a Paper document, while any changes made are synced automatically and team members are notified of the new version and the author of the changes. In addition to the launch of Paper, Dropbox also made an announcement of a new account feature called Smart Sync.

While the Dropbox’s SmartSync feature allows users to see and access all of their files, although stored in the cloud or on a local hard drive, from their desktop. Made available for both Windows and Mac, Dropbox introduced it as Project Infinite last year. All files and folders can be seen in Windows File Explorer and macOS Finder, since thy are not stored locally. Smart Sync is now available to download immediately, released for all Dropbox Business and Enterprise customers, allowing them with low disk space to see cloud-stored files and folders on their supported desktop.


Users working with just 128 GB of hard drive space can easily comb through terabytes of files to find exactly what they need— right from Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder. Now, they won’t need to take extra steps—like switching to a web browser— just to view files. And whenever they need to access files stored in the cloud, users can download them with a quick double click.

Officially, Dropbox has unveiled new price plans for business customers. Its Standard plan costs $12.50 per month per user and offers 2TB of cloud storage and collaborative tools, whereas the $20 Advanced plan includes additional administration features. A third plan also been available for larger businesses.

You can download Paper for iPhone and iPad for free on the iOS App Store [Direct Link]

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