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This iPhone app is very different from the filters we know through Snapchat. Using Artificial Intelligence you can easily turn your face into a beautiful smile in just one tap. A new application for iOS literally claims to be able to take a photograph of someone and split out the same photo but with a smile on the subject’s face automatically, and when it works, it actually makes a pretty good fist of it, too. But again, it may not be 100% successful, nevertheless the perfection is rarely attainable in this world of technology.

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Called FaceApp, is available to download from the App Store and won’t grab your money – making it free of cost. What makes that even more impressive is the fact it claims to use reural networks in order to take a person’s face and paste a smile over the top of it.

Transform your face using AI to get younger or older, with more attractive filters using FaceApp on iPhone and iPad. Tested already, which in result does a pretty decent job of doing exactly that. Although it can get a little flakey when you first start to add facial hair into the mix or the person in the photo is not looking at the camera squarely.

Indeed, the iPhone Face application works just great, and if we are absolutely honest though, it’s a little bit of a miracle that this app works at all, and when you add in the fact that it can make people look older or younger, the deal becomes even sweeter. Similar app you can find on Facebook as well. For Android, FaceApp APK is already there to grab.

About the app, which offers up a couple of other effects too, though they leave a lot to be desired. Being completely penny free, it’s dynamically worth checking out even if it just to put great big smiles on people, that too, following the captured photo feelings.

The whole work done successfully be neural networks – who doesn’t love the idea of using an app that takes advantage of it? We live in the future, people! Why not try it out right now?

FaceApp iOS & Android

If there is one thing we always hoped that advanced computer technology would be able to do, it was to give us a better way of customizing any photo of any person into one that shows them becoming like they just won the Lotto.

(Download: FaceApp: Free Neural Face Transformations for iPhone on the App Store)

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