Final Version Of Firefox Download For iOS On iPhone And iPad Now Available

Mozilla has ultimately released a finalized version of its Firefox web browser onto the iOS App Store for those devices which comes with out-of-the-box web browsing option on Mobile Safari, but that doesn’t mean it’s all that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device owners are limited to. Many choose alternative download links that points to Google’s native Chrome app from App Store to utilize the power. Now that the highly anticipated release is here, finally hit the device who generally prefer to use Firefox for desktop browsing can also utilize its pwoerful add-on packs on iOS.

Firefox was coming to iOS in an official capacity since the back end of last year, which was already known. But Mozilla, the fundation behind the Firefox software, took the opportunity to invite a curated selection of users to a private beta of the app in May this year. Limited beta followed up four months later with an official public preview version of the platform for iOS device owners. Today, resulting in this first official version rolling out.

Speaking about the privacy and transparency, Mozilla has repeatedly been voted as one of the most trusted Internet company in existence, for that reason that consumers op to put their trust in the platform. Like Mobile Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox for iOS comes with a certain set of familiar inclusions that are often utilized by all web visitors.

Intelligent search functionality is bundled into the Firefox iOS app along with real-time suggestions of the web page or search term that an user is trying to accomplish. With built-in selection of easy access search providers for those who may want to stray away from the usual Google search, Firefox for iOS app has integrated all.

Those downloading and using the app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9 installed are also eligible for Private Browsing mode that is specifically designed to protect the user’s personal data by not remembering any search history or storing any cookies. To take advantage of such features, you can get it right from here. For the security conscious out there, there’s also one touch access that allows deletion of stored passwords, or a more granular approach that allows selected private data to be deleted or retained.

Provided this app with a good user-experience, and the user-interface of the app isn’t anything to shout about. It has a really nice intuitive visual tab set up that allows quick toggling between multiple windows.

(Download: Firefox for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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