A Fortnite Mobile Clone ‘FortCraft’ For Android, iOS Released For Download

Recently as sign-ups for the Fortnite Mobile iOS and Android beta even begin, and also the hugely popular online shooter access codes haven’t sent through the mail, NetEase has kicked off a beta for a Fortnite Battle Royale clone called FortCraft on both iOS and Android.

Who is NetEase? A development company behind a handful of PUBG-like battle royale games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store has released FortCraft clone to Fortnite Mobile for Android and iOS devices.

There is obviously a huge amount of excitement surrounding the iteration of the game in mobile platforms, and as always when there is interest in a smartphone game with a soft corner, there are the inevitable pitfalls that come with that. One of those copycats is FortCraft. Unfortunately, Fortnite is absolutely no different in that regard.

The official mobile game is not yet out for everyone and the fake versions are already here, available to download. FortCraft is a prime example of that. Sounding like, looking very similar and essentially playing just like Fortnite. This rip-off Fortnite title comes out of China which, if we are being absolutely honest, will surprise few people.

The company behind FortCraft, NetEase, is undoubtedly not all ashamed of its work either, which again, should probably not be a surprise. Everything in this game is same as Fortnite, all the way down to the building mechanics.

Interestingly, FortCraft does have one advantage over the official Fortnite game, is coming to mobile devices, it will work on older versions of operating systems. So no compatibility issues with FortCraft Fortnite ripoff, somehow making it more accessible than the real deal. Well, that and the fact that the official game isn’t out yet. But, you know.

FortCraft, while we are not saying you should grab it, can also be downloaded for both iOS and Android right now. No matter which version of Android you have on your device running right now, you can’t play Fortnite.

We still recommend you wait for the proper thing though – you can never beat the original! But again, if you cannot keep yourself waiting, head over to fortcraft.com to get started Android APK and iOS IPA file.

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