Download Galaxy S8-Themed Icons For Free On Any Android Phone [Limited Time Offer]

You can now download Samsung Galaxy S8-themed Aspire Ux S8 icon pack for any Android handset, which is only available for limited time. Here are the details.

The hype concludes on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone, and the rage right now have been fully-focused on another galaxy altogether to have missed out on the release of Samsung’s biggest smartphone of 2017. It has received positive reviews around the globe, but still have minor errors, such as recently Galaxy S8 WiFi and wireless charging issues spread, Samsung acknowledge that and said to fix that problem by issuing a little software update later on this year. Likewise, the red tilt which also follows the similar fix.

Get Aspire Ux S8 icon pack Installed
Not only Galaxy S8 but other smartphones aren’t disturbed with its own flaws in this modern technology. Getting your hands on a new Galaxy S8 isn’t all that hard right now, but you will need to hand over a sizable chunk of cash in order to buy one that goes even more so for the larger Galaxy S8+, which is of course, more affordable than buying an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, isn’t it?

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If the asking price for either device is a little rich and you own a different Android smartphone. Why not try and get a little taste of what Galaxy S8 owners have by aping their app icons?

The Aspire Ux S8 icon pack normally retails for just $0.99, which is cheap enough, but for limited time, it is now on offer for absolutely pay nothing.

Download Aspire Ux S8 Icon Pack
With over 600 icons already included in the pack and new ones being added several times per week, this icon pack will be one alternative on. The pack also includes the ability to request specific icons of the developer, so if your favorite app does not have a galaxy S8-like icon already, you can simply ask nicely and you never know, the folks behind the product might be able to help you out on time. Checkout: First Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors Hit The Web

The Aspire Ux S8 icon pack can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store right now. Have at it!

(Download: Aspire Ux S8 – Icon Pack for Android on Play Store)

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