GBA4iOS 2.1.6 Update For iOS 11 On iPhone X And Other Devices Released [No Jailbreak Required]

Latest news for mobile gaming fans who prefer to interact with old-school emulators brings a good information. There is a new version of the extremely popular GBA4iOS emulator available for download on all iOS 11 devices right now. No more jailbreaking is needed to get this latest version onto your iPhones and iPads.

In terms of the update itself, this isn’t a huge groundbreaking release which is going to fundamentally change the GBA4iOS offering. In fact, we aren’t actually looking at any huge functionality or feature additions or improvements.

Here’s what we have is a third-party developer taking the existing code base and bumping out a new version with relatively minor visual improvements. Rather, a good indication that GBA4iOS is still alive and kicking and is still getting the development love that it deserves. The official GBA4iOS 2.1.6 release notes have shown this:

  • It’s mostly visual changes for iPhone X
  • Software Update section removed
  • Acknowledgements removed (I accidentally deleted the code for the fix (and I couldn’t go back), and didn’t fix it again)
  • And more
  • Change log in the app (for more info)

If you have been a long-standing fan of the GBA4iOS app and continually keeping an eye of any additions and platform changes, then this stands to reason that you will be excited to learn that it has been updated again, taking it to version 2.1.6.

Those who want to abandon whatever version you are currently running in order to install the latest release can grab the latest GBA4iOS 2.1.6 IPA from this here.

Once that IPA is in your place, you will then need to go through the process of getting it installed. You can do that by following our previous guide here: Download GBA4iOS 2.1 iOS 11 IPA On iPhone Or iPad [No Jailbreak Required].

Alternatively, if you are going to get up and running with the latest version, which is definitely worth mentioning that all of the updates for GBA4iOS will make it into the public domain is actually put together and released by third-party developers now and not the original creator of the GBA4iOS project.

So the original source code of GBA4iOS has always been open-source and available on GitHub, allowing developers to grab it up and take it down their own path by utilizing their own skills and picking their own vision for implementation.

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