Gmail For Android Update Brings Support For Adding GIFs Via Gboard [APK Download]

You can now download Gmail 7.3 for Android which has received the ability to insert GIFs into emails with Gboard keyboard support. Here are the details.

Over the past month, Gmail has already been getting updates including app shortcuts for accounts and the ability to send/receive money on mobile. Version 7.3 APK rolling out today adds the long-anticipated Gboard GIF support. Similar to Google Voice, Facebook Messenger, and other apps, the picker is activated by tapping the emoji icon and selecting the GIF tab. Users have access to search, as well as popular or recently used GIFs. The selected GIF will be added to the body of the message. Also see: Gboard For Android Updated App Gains Emoji, GIF Suggestions, More

It’s easy, and appears to be the only major feature, though the release notes or the changelog provides a reminder for the recently added ability to send/receive money right in the app for the US. In the previous month, Google also announced that the Gmail Android app has support for third-party productivity add-ons. Plenty of apps have been updated recently to add a feature by every meme lover and person who finds emoji dull and can’t express themselves with anything less than an animation (emoticon): GIF keyboard support. The latest to join the fold is Gmail.

The latest version 7.3 of Gmail for Android is rolling out via the Google Play Store. You can now search for the GIF your heart desires and simply insert from your mobile keyboard without having to mess with third-party apps.

For this to work on your Android device, you will definitely need a keyboard that offers GIF insertion like Google’s own Gboard. You will also need to be on supported version of Android, which should be anything above Honycomb.

This feature is fairly popular among keyboards, so the lack of support outside of Gboard may seem a bit limiting to users who aren’t already on board with Gboard keyboard for Android. GIF images from other keyboards will end up as attachments, so there’s still have some limited support, but inserting multiple GIFs in one message with a SMS text won’t happen with any other keyboard except Gboard.

Using Gboard, GIF images can be inserted quickly and a bit easily into emails, in the same way how you would add them in other app taking input from Gboard. A tap on the emoji button and then the GIF button will get you to the gallery, and again tapping on a GIF image will insert it in place, wherever your cursor is in the email message. Unlike when using other keyboards, inserting multiple GIF images in a single message and mixing them into the message’s body text are both a go.

It is live now as the latest version of Gmail which should be available on the Play Store but can also be grabbed manually from here as APK.

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