Download Google ‘Ivy’ Big Number Calculator App For iOS Right Now

Google has ultimately released a new app onto the iPhone App Store, with Ivy being the latest to appear on Apple’s iOS platform. Download links for the app are free and curiously missing from the Google’s own Play Store for Android. Ivy is one of those experimental big number calculator that may look like something from the 1980s but certainly shouldn’t be confuced with a cheap calculator emulator.

With best inclusions, Google decsribes the app, that “uses exact rational arithmetic so it can handle arbitrary precision,” and those “values may be input as integers, rationals, or floating point values.” This means a lot more to those that will make use of the app, but if you were thinking about downloading Ivy to split the tips at your favorite restaurant, then you may want to reconsider.

Technically, it’s only a Google app, Ivy curiously lists The Go Authors alongside Google on its App Store page, with the unknown developer seemingly a reference to The Go Project, an open-source programming language for which Ivy was developed as a companion app. Suggesting agian pointing the uses for Ivy may be rather specific, and the app being less than widely used. Of course, it very useful if you need an experimental big number calculator, and not that much when you only needed it to do just monthly budget calculation.


Google already has variety of apps on the Play Store and thousands on the iOS App Store, though what could be lacking is of an Android version of Ivy calculator, even with The Go Project links we mentioned earlier. It remains to be seen whether that is an oversight or simply he result of some sort of delay, but if Ivy sounds like the app for you then you can grab it from the App Store today and is available for both iPhone and iPad.

As oft-mentioned, the app is all time free to download, and it may not be something everyone can manage in a day to day basis, which it doesn’t mean that there’s any harm is just trying it out. Freeware anyway! But requires iOS 8.0 or higher running iPhone, iPad models.

(Download: Google Ivy for iPhone on the App Store)

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