How To Use Google Lens On Your iOS Device, Here Are The Details

Hot on the heels is Google Lens available for all non-Pixel Android phones, and recently it arrived on iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad, too. Last week, Google has finally started rolling out its AI-powered technology, Google Lens on iOS, and many downloaded and installed on their devices, but the fact here is how you can use Google Lens on your iPhone?

Google Lens, by all means, is an on-demand photo recognition tool built into Google Photos that indeed provide additional information regarding what you’re taking a picture of. Google Lens will attempt to identify the object and show exact search results and details.

Google Lens now available for iPhone

For instance, snapping a shot of Eiffel Tower will bring up reviews and contact information for the landmark Snapping a shot of a business card will depict the information it sees and gives you the option to add it to your handset. The same for event invitations that can be automatically added to your Phone’s Calendar from a picture. Google Lens will offer to save the phone number or address to one of your contacts. Similarly, taking a photo of a book, landmark, building, painting, plant or animal can throw up an option to view more details about the picture’s subject.

The feature which is now available on iOS running iPhones and iPads, actually debuted last year on the Google Pixel-only devices. Announced by Google during Google I/O 2017, Google Lens is designed to bring up relevant information using visual analysis. Here’s what Google’s AI-powered machine learning feature can do for you.

To get it on your iPhone or iPad you need to first grab the latest version of the app (you need version 3.15 for this one). From there, you’ll launch the app and select a photo. With the photo loaded, you’ll want to tap the Google Lens button below it. It’s the square that kind like the Instagram logo.

Once Lens recognizes what’s in the photo it will give you whatever additional information it might have on your photo’s subject. It doesn’t work forr everything, but when it does work it’s pretty awesome.

You can now download Google Lens for your iPhone or iPad from App Store using direct links provided below.

(Download: Google Lens For iOS running iPhone / iPad On iTunes App Store)

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