Download: Google Maps iOS App Now Gets Updated For iPhone X After All

The iPhone X has been made available to purchase a month ago, and now one of the most anticipated app updates has finally arrived for the new iOS device: Google Maps has been updated for iPhone X’s screen. Here are the details.

One of the most popular applications on iOS App Store, Google Maps for iPhone X now takes the advantage of the edge-to-edge OLED display. As Google Maps has been updated to accommodate Apple’s flagship handset, iPhone X.

Google Maps On the iPhone X live now

You can download Google Maps version 4.41 right now in the App Store. In addition, to support for the iPhone X, Google says the update also includes bug fixes.

The sprawling maps do look great on new iPhone, though, Google may need to rethink its UI a bit for the taller X screen. However, the search giant took a few extra weeks for what should have been a day one update, but it didn’t use that time to change any of the basic interfaces for the new iOS device. All that means the search bar is much higher up than on the older version of the app.

There’s another thing about the release notes, the hamburger menu on the Google Maps opens up the left pane for additional options is practically unreachable with one hand now. Still, it’s better than nothing.

Following the best practices, Apple’s guidelines for developers, Google Maps on iPhone X embraces the notches to the left and right of the TrueDepth camera, as map data fills the display behind the time, connectivity and battery information.

When landscape mode used, map data and menus also bleed into the notch, though tappable items like back buttons are set inward to avoid placement within the notches. While Apple’s human interface suggestions ask developers to extend content to fill the iPhone X screen but avoid placing actionable buttons at the outermost edges of the 5.8-inch display.

Google maps for iOS is specially designed for both iPhone and iPad and offers iMessage integration, otherwise.

Now we just need a UI update

Google Maps notable still does not support the Apple Watch, even though the service did previously have a watchOS app, but it has been removed quietly from its iOS counterpart earlier this year. While Google said it “expects” to reiterate support n the future.

Maps join Google’s slow and steady stream of iOS updates adding support for the iPhone X. Apps like YouTube, Keep, Docs, Sheets, and Slides have been updated. And also including the likes of Chrome, Gmail, Google Search, Drive, Photos, Calendar, and Gboard have not been updated yet.

The update is now available for download from the iOS App Store completely free-of-charge.

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