Download: Google Pixel 3 Wallpapers Circulating On The Web

We already have Apple’s 2018 iPhone XS and XS Max wallpapers to try out, but now, there is something different kind of wallpapers to serve. On the strength of what we have to share here, although the answer may be “anyone on the Google Pixel team,” suggesting new. A raft of Google Pixel 3 wallpapers have been leaked online with a full two weeks to go before the phone itself will be announced.

At this point, the newly appeared themes are coming so thick and fast that there’s a doubt in our minds as to whether we will need the announcement event at all. Particularly, if we get any more as time ticks on.

Google will be announcing its new 2018 flagship in a couple of weeks. Those who really want the spirit of things right now can get your hands on these wallpapers thanks to a leak from MySmartPrice. All of the circulating wallpapers can be downloaded from a handy-dandy Google Drive link, which sort of feels like they’re rubbing it in a bit.

Something like Live Wallpapers, there are animated wallpapers that change as your device is tilted. With others changing as the time changes throughout the day. That all sounds great, and most of them simply look stunning whether they’re animated or not. We utterly suggest downloading them now, before they go missing.

Google will announce the Pixel 3 alongside Pixel 3XL during an event scheduled on October 9th. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for news about that as and when it starts to roll in.

We are very eager to see what comes next where it’s a big few weeks for high-end smartphones launch times.

(Download: Google Pixel 3 Wallpapers [Google Drive])

(Source: MySmartPrice)

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