Download: Google Play Store 8.1.25 APK For Android Now Gets Notification Channels And More

Latest Google Play Store 8.1.25 version adds notification channels on Android O and much more to the upcoming mobile operating system. A new version of the Google Play Store APK began rolling out earlier today with few, if any noticeable changes. Here’s everything you need to know about the newer software.

Those who are running the Android O previews on any compatible device, there will be one change to look forward to: Notification Channels. The latest version of Play Store brings five distinct channels for customization, including: Security and Maintenance, Updated Apps, App Updates Available, Account Alerts, and High Priority. Now we can make a few more choices on which notifications we really want to see and if they matter more or less than the developers thought they should.

Google has started rolling out a new updated version of its Play Store app for Android devices. Detailing not a great deal has changed for the majority of device owners, with most of the improvements and refinements looking at the under-the-hood. But again, for those who are their devices running an Android O installation, should see the updated Play Store v8.1 introduces the concept of Notification Channels which provides greater control of notifications for those users.

Better than before! Most Android device owners will likely find themselves interacting with a Play Store which looks, feels, and functions largely the same as what they are accompanied to. Of course, it may be faster and more robust due to the underlying improvements, but it’s largely the same experience, throughout. Specifically for tjose running a pre-release developer or public version of Android 8.0 O will find five new Notification Channels (listed above), which will allow a user to uniquely define the types of notifications that they receive from the Play Store.

However, the Notification Channels don’t replace the recently added Notifications page in Settings, though, but it may actually confuse the situation a bit because the Updates and Auto-Updates switches are essentially redundant while Pre-Registration and Deals would seem to be distinctively available within this page, or are bundled together with other types of notifications in wuth the Account Alerts channel.

Nevertheless, the release is definitely a positive when it comes to giving Android 0 owners a little more control over the type of notifications and interruptions that they receive, but it also runs the risk of slightly muddying the waters when you consider recent changes.

As aforementioned, an all-new dedicated Notification page has been added to the Settings section, which includes things like notifications, are essentially duplicated in the new Notification Channels in Android O. The final release of Android version O is coming up shortly and most of Google’s core apps have already received a set of custom notification channels. Among the high profile apps, it looks like only Google+, Inbox, and Hangouts remain; but there are some lesser-known apps that also deserve attention and seems, may still be something there buried in a corner somewhere. Google may choose to activate any number of tweaks and feature additions remotely.

Those who are running Android O will already likely be well aware that most of Google’s major apps have already received a dedicated Notification Channel feature within the application, save for a few notable exclusions then. And for those who are yet to get involved in Android O, it looks as though Google is on track to make this an official release sooner rather than later.

The After Package Kit is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the downloadable file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. When it actually manages to filter down to devices is another story entirely. Other than the inclusion of the new Notification Channel support for Android O, there doesn’t look to be anything more to take a note of in this latest Play Store update.

You can download Play Store v8.1.25 update if you wish to experience it by grabbing the APK from here.

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