Download: Google Reply App Leaked For Android Ahead Of Official Launch

Here’s how you can download Google Reply APK leaked version app for Android, as it is now available to grab before it has officially been launched.

It was last week when we heard about Google working on Reply app, an AI-powered application that lets you reply to texts from various messaging applications by simply tapping on contextual meaningful replies right in your device’s notification.

Earlier today, another news surfaced claiming that many of the enthusiasts have sideloaded Google Reply, a smart quick reply app on their Android phones. Those of you who desire to install it will let you sign in to your Google account for a more personalized experience, and requests access to notifications. Once that’s done, it will provide smart replies right inside notifications from any instant messaging and chat apps that allow users to reply directly from the notification shade.

Currently, Google Reply isn’t actually made available to download from the Play Store, as it’s only in closed beta. If you really want to test it, you can grab it right here.

More about Google Reply is that it’s said to bring smart replies to all of those popular messaging apps, including iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Allo, Slack…etc. No matter how time-consuming they are, we can’t live without them these days. That’s is why the new Google Reply app might be one of the best things that are about to happen to chat apps.

From its point of view, the app does exactly what it highlights; for example, you get automated response in shortcuts in message notification. It works relatively great on Android 7.0 Nougat and above. The app will suggest smart replies to notifications, allowing you to respond with a single touch. No worry, your witty remarks and burn responses aren’t going away.

According to Android Police, has already tested the app with Twitter direct messages, Android Messages, and Hangouts, but it would work just fine with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger because it only resides in the notification shade.

Unfortunately, the app quite doesn’t get jokes as yet but will offer suitable replies to short and straightforward messages particularly to those with simple questions and phrases.

It is still in beta state, there are few functions that don’t seem to be available or working at the moment, such as responses that include contextual data for answers, like travel time to location, etc., as noted as well. A message with the word “Urgent” was supposed to bypass the ringer settings, but still don’t work either. The app is said to support various languages through Google Translator machine, but the setup process will fully in English.

There are more screenshots are available at this link, alongside a download link. For the tutorial, see below:

Step 1: Download the Google Reply APK file from here and run it in safe mode.

Step 2: Open the app, you will be asked to link your Google account – to offer more intelligence and personalized automated responses.

Step 3: Now, it will request your permission for notifications/locations access.

Step 4: It will also give you few options to chose from, for further customizations like fully automated responses depending on the circumstances.

Step 5: Once done setting up, you’ll see bubbles with automated response options in your messaging notification.

That’s it!

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