Download: iCleaner Pro Beta For iOS 11 Jailbreak Released

iCleaner Pro beta is now available to download with iOS 11 Electra jailbreak compatibility for jailbroken iPhones and iPads. Here’s everything you need to know.

One of the best and most popular tweak installations for jailbroken devices has been updated and released with initial iOS 11 compatibilities. The developer behind this popular iCleaner Pro package, Ivano Bilenchi has announced the release via Twitter.

iCleaner Pro is currently being offered as an initial public-facing beta until any issues have been discovered and ironed out.

Although the package is yet another extremely popular installation, has now also been updated to work with devices running iOS 11, those have been jailbroken using the Electra jailbreak offered by CoolStar. According to the developer, iCleaner Pro now supports all devices running iOS 11:

[Release – Beta] #iCleaner Pro 7.7.0~beta1 is now available on my beta repository! It adds support for all devices running iOS 11.x (Electra), including iPhone X. Repo link is on the page in my Twitter bio. Told you it was coming *very* SON [sic] ? Enjoy!

What’s important to note here is that Bilenchi is offering this latest version of iCleaner Pro via his own personal beta repository. Conclude that anyone installing it should remember it’s a first working release with this level of compatibility and that it’s possible that niggles and slight errors will exist. Issues inside, iCleaner Pro is a continuously updated product which has been updated to support multiple major versions of iOS, all with great success. And this working version will be ultimately leading to an official iOS 11 release.

For owners of iOS jailbroken devices, this release may not have familiarity with iCleaner Pro, though it’s essentially the defacto jailbreak installation for those who want a ton more control over what stored on their device. This tweak has been built to rip through important parts of the system, such as Messages, Safari browser, OTA software updates, and log files, to locate and clean-up any unused files or documents and files which really don’t need to exist on the device taking up vital storage.

Individuals having a 16GB iPhone and can find themselves running low on space, iCleaner Pro is a vital resource for storage management which otherwise wouldn’t be possible with a stock installation of iOS.

Those waiting for this release to come, it’s now available to download from Bilenchi’s beta repository at on Cydia.

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