iEnchantify Cydia Alternative Installation On iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Here’s how to download iEnchantify 6.0 install on iOS 10 running iPhone and iPad. No jailbreak is required for this to work.

The said tweak is one of the best Cydia alternative, provides access to tweaks, apps, themes and similar experiences like the ones offered through jailbreak store, but iEnchantify also gives full access to through without having to go via the laborious process of ensuring that you device is sitting on a jailbreak firmware version?

All we have today is the magic of the new iEnchantify app, you can do exactly that with only a simple installation process standing in your way, easily. Without further ado, let’s dive into it and show you exactly how you can get access to this web-based installer which offers top-end tweaks, and best themes and also modified apps, everything pulled from a variety of sources.

First of all you have to fairly follow the steps given below and the permissions inside your phone’s settings application. So that you can experience the real power of IPAs like iEnchantify on your device.

Step 1: You are going to need one of Apple’s iOS 10-running devices to install the iEchantify package on to. Once you have that device primed, powered up, and fully ready, move onto the next step.

Step 2: Load up Safari on the device and navigate to the following URL:

Step 3: Immerse all of the information on that page relating to the app before tapping on the very important Install button on that page. This actually provide a new prompt telling you about the page that wants to load up the native Settings app on your iOS device. Tap Allow.

Step 4: Now, with a new page for iEnchantify web clip profile install pops up which essentially all of the system info needs to install it. Tap Install in the top navigation bar here and then enter your Passcode when prompted.

Step 5: Tap Install again to confirm the installation.

Step 6: When the profile has been installed, tap Done in the top navigation bar to continue. Image below!


Step 7: You will be redirected to iEnchantify web app in Safari. Exit out of that back to your Home screen and locate the iEnchantify app icon which has now been installed on your phone.

That is all! Tap on the app icon to launch iEnchantify just like you would with any other, and as mentioned already, you’ll notice that this is an ultimate web-based installer with the app icon being a shortcut to launch that web page. Click on the View Apps button on the web page to get access to all of the cracked tweaks available through iEnchantify. Now you can install tweaks, modified apps and themes, emulators at your will on your non-jailbroken iOS device!

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