Download: iOS 10.2 Developer Beta 5 And Public Beta 5 Released Now

Apple has made iOS 10.2 beta 5 available to download right now for compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices from Apple Developer Program portal and Public testing purposes. Only few days after releasing beta 4 seed to both registered members, the fifth developer and public beta of iOS 10.2 has been released today with some expected changes and features.

iOS 10.2 Beta 5 / Public Beta 5

The latest beta comes a month after Apple introduced iOS 10.2 for the first time and looks to further progress the said firmware in order to get it into a position where Apple feels it can be consumed by the masses on a truly global scale.

The previous beta build doesn’t introduce any new changes that has been noted in iOS 10.2, and beta 5 pre-release seed however continues the path that Apple has already started walking down when the initial developer seed was pushed out more than four weeks ago, with this beta bringing more bug fixes and performance improvements all over the system. With that said, iOS 10.2 is of course a notable upgrade.

One of the main additions to iOS 10.2 is the inclusion of new and improved emoji characters, such as the stunningly detailed avocado, alongside new faces such as the rolling face, the selfie emoji, a hilarious face palm emoji, and a clown face that will either terrify you or delight you depending on your view of clowns. Brings improvements inside the TV app, also the integration of Unicode 9 adding new male and female characters, such as a set of new professionals in the form of a doctor, lawyer, scientist, and firefighter etc.

Used iOS 10.2 as a means of introducing changes through the system. For instance, the native Music app has had slight UI changes introduced to commonly used controls. All in all, iOS 10.2 represents an impressive payload to the platform, with it only being a matter of time until the full and final seed is released to the public with compatible devices.

As always, registered developers can access the dedicated Apple Developer Program to get their hands on the latest iOS 10.2 beta 5. As Public Beta 5 can be had from the Apple Beta Software Program, or as an OTA update if you already running the previous beta on it.

If the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch already has an Apple issued configuration profile installed then it’s also possible to get iOS 10.2 beta 5 as a direct over-the-air update from the Software Update mechanism (Settings > General > Software Update) within the native Settings app.


iOS 10.2 Beta 5 Features, Changes And Issues

what exactly has Apple done in iOS 10.2 beta 5? According to the official changelog of iOS 10.2 beta 5:


– The TV app should no longer crash or show “TV is unavailable” on iPod touch.
– Syncing with iTunes 12.5 through 12.5.3 should no longer delete TV app library content.

Known issues:

TV app cannot be restored after it is deleted.

That means we will see a beta 6 is unclear at this point, and the inclusion of a known issue there suggests Apple knows there’s still work to be done before iOS 10.2 is ready for primetime and would be very surprised if users wouldn’t able to restore the new TV app after it was deleted in the final, public version of iOS 10.2.


It will come with an all-new TV app instead of the dated and relatively unused Videos app, new emojis and more iMessage effects as well as iOS 10.2 UI changes for the Music app.

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