Download iOS 11.1.2 With Fix For iPhone X Display In Cold Temperatures

You can now download iOS 11.1.2 IPSW links and OTA update as Apple released it with a fix for unresponsive iPhone display with cold temperature.

Apple has released iOS 11.1.2 as the seventh official update to the iOS 11 operating system. iOS 11.1.2 public release features multiple bug fixes and performance improvements, though including an immediate fix for the cold weather iPhone X bug issue which has been affecting certain devices at the lower-end of the operating temperature scale.

The latest update can be downloaded for free on all compatible devices over-the-air in the Settings app. To access iOS 11.1.2 update, go to Settings > General > Software Update.

However, Apple currently has iOS 11.2 in a pre-release state, meaning that eligible devices can expect a release sooner-rather-than-later containing some more impressive features and functionality. With the beta of Apple Pay Cash and the availability of Sirikit for Apple’s new HomePod firmware due for release next month.

Today’s iOS 11.1.2 release looks to resolve one issue in particular with immediate effect. iPhone X owners won’t have to wait until iOS 11.2 has passed through Apple’s QA process and been signed off for release.

The latest iOS 11.1.2 update addresses bugs and issues that have been discovered since the release of iOS 11.1.1. According to Apple’s release notes, the update addresses a bug that caused some iPhone X displays to become temporarily unresponsive when exposed to cold temperature.

It is like this: It recently came to the sight that a number of iPhone X owners had been experiencing issues interacting with the gorgeous OLED display around temperatures close to 0-degrees. Apple has an operating temperature guide that stipulates iPhone should work within temp ranging from 0 to 35-degrees Celsius. But it appears that certain new units had been temporarily failing before going under that lower threshold.

That seemed to be the screen would freeze and become unresponsive for a quick second before ranging its senses and responding to the user’s touch. Apple had already acknowledged this issue in the past and advised a software patch would be issued to resolve it. And now that patch arrived and here for all iPhone X units.

Anyone with iPhone X and on other compatible iOS devices who have been experiencing the issue is able to grab the latest iOS 11.1.2 release right now by launching the native app.

Alternatively, those preferring a fresh installation using iTunes through an IPSW file, can grab the relevant file for their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from the links below:

iOS 11.1.2 Download IPSW Direct Links:

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