Download iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak “Tweak Installer” App For Mac

The developer behind the released Tweak Installer for Windows has made available it to download for Mac systems as well. The developer of the Tweak Installer has been working closely with others in order to bring support and experience to macOS. Developer and user syto203 has confirmed that he has been working with the original Tweak Installer’s developers to offer a Wine port of the software for those who want it to have the same experience on Mac machines running macOS as well.

For Windows users, the original Tweak Installer software developer wanted to give jailbroken device owners a quick and easy way to install tweaks to their devices in the absence of Cydia. In order to bring the same experience to macOS, the developer behind the Tweak Installer has today released for Mac.

The latest jailbreaks, such as LiberiOS and Electra, don’t install Cydia as part of the liberation process due to compatibility issues which are likely to be resolved by saurik. Tweak Installer app looks to combat that issue and remove a lot of the manual legwork from the user by giving them a facility to easily SSH into the device in order to install the .deb files of compatible jailbreak tweaks quickly.

Tweak Install was only offered as a single platform experience for Windows, at the time of its release. With the promise of future versions for macOS and Linux expressed. As it is a Wine port of the Windows version, meaning that it’s measuring in at around the 500MB mark in terms of downloadable size. This is simply because rather than being a native macOS app it’s emulating the operating system as part of the same port.

In fact, it’s very likely this file size will be reduced in due time when unnecessary libraries are removed, but, for now, it is what it is. And worth noting for anyone who intends to give this a try. It is very early in the development and that it is much considered to be a beta product.

Regarding, the developer behind it also highlighted a number of known issues which can result in the software crashing or providing a negative experience. In that case, it’s probably worthwhile being aware that the port exists but taking a patience stance on when you actually use it.

With everything said, if you do really want to give it a whirl – at your own risk – you can download the necessary files from here.

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