Download: iOS 11.2 Beta 5 Changes, Release Notes, Changelog Details

Apple has made available for download iOS 11.2 beta 5 IPSW links and OTA update to registered members with Apple Developer Program. This is the fifth pre-release seed of an upcoming iOS 11.2 update released to developers and moreover the public testers.

Here are iOS 11.2 beta 5 changes, official release notes and other changelog details that you really want to know about. This is the latest beta release to test out any new features, added functionality, and improvements which have been added since the release of iOS 11.2 beta 4 almost ten days ago.

Originally, iOS 11.2 would be Apple’s sixth update to iOS 11 since it was launched back in September this year. And of course, iOS 11.2 is actually one of Apple’s better and most comprehensive updates that we’ve seen on iOS 11 to date.

In terms of improvements, iOS 11.2 is undoubtedly going to impress those who get their hands on it, both from a testing perspective and when it officially goes live to the public. It brings with it bug fixes and security patches to make iOS 11 safer and more stable. Apple has also brought in a number of great new features which will take iOS 11 to the next level.

For instance, the Apple Pay Cash feature which is now making its appearance. That will allow users to send and receive money instantly via iMessage using the Apple Pay protocol. The Cupertino-based firm has also unlocked the potential of 7.5W faster wireless charging, meaning that with a compatible Qi charger capable of delivering fast charge will be able to get the device up and running a lot quicker.

To try and make things a little clearer, Apple has taken the opportunity of admitting that its UX in Control Center isn’t as clear as it could be by introducing user-facing alerts which nowadays explain the behavior of the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles, among other changes here and there.

Thos individuals with a configuration profile installed can grab the latest iOS 11.2 beta 5 right now from Settings > General > Software Update section of your iOS device. First-time users can do so by installing an iOS beta, head over to to get started.

iOS 11.2 Developer Beta 5

Update x1: Along with iOS 11.2 developer 5, Apple has also seeded macOS 10.13.2 beta 5 as well as tvOS 11.2 beta 5 to developers to test.

Changelog for iOS 11.2 beta 5 can be found over here:

New in iOS 11.2

Introductory Pricing for Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

Soon, you’ll be able to offer new customers a discounted introductory price for your auto- renewable subscriptions on the App Store. iOS 11.2 introduces new classes (SKProductDiscount and SKProductSubscriptionPeriod) and new properties on SKProduct (subscriptionPeriod and introductoryPrice) to provide details on the introductory pricing and billing period you’ve selected for your auto-renewable subscriptions. You can use these new API additions to localize and display information about introductory pricing to your users. You’ll be able to configure introductory pricing on your in-app purchase page in iTunes Connect soon.

Notes and Known Issues


Known Issues

  • Continuing from a breakpoint while debugging an ARSession may result in VIO breaking. Any visual objects placed in the world/anchor are not visible. (31561202)


Resolved Issues

  • AVCameraCalibrationData now contains correct information for the intrinsicMatrix property when using the TrueDepth camera on iPhone X. (34200225)


Resolved Issues

  • InitializinganEKCalendarChooserfromEventKitnolongerresultinanappcrash. (34608102)


Known Issues

  • ClientsofNSURLSessionStreamTaskthatuseanon-secureconnectionfailtoconnect when an error occurs during PAC file evaluation and the system is configured for either Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD) or Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC). A PAC evaluation failure can occur when the PAC file contains invalid JavaScript or the HTTP host serving the PAC file is unreachable. (33609198)

Workaround: Use startSecureConnection to establish a secure connection.

Photos UI API Extensions

Known Issues

  • In iOS 11.2 beta 1 or later, the user interface of a photo editing extension is no longer limited to the safe area. Apple recommends following the Human Interface Guidelines for content insets. (34189209)


Resolved Issues

  • Playing a podcast with chapter markers will no longer crash Podcasts. (35117025)


Known Issues

  • For a broadcast extension that a user starts from within an app, the value for the RPVideoSampleOrientationKey of the CMSampleBufferRef of type RPSampleBufferType is always portrait. Starting the broadcast extension from the Control Center returns the correct value. (34559925)


Resolved Issues

  • DisplayingapagecontrolinUIPageViewControlleroniPhoneXnolongeroverlaps the home indicator at the bottom of the screen. (34478195)


Resolved Issues

  • UsingamodelthatoutputsanimagewithVNCoreMLRequestnowworkscorrectly. (34023914)
  • VNHomographicImageRegistrationRequest and VNDetectBarcodesRequest now work correctly with images when using a request handler based on a URL. (34919881)

Known Issues

  • VNFaceLandmarkRegion2D is currently unavailable in Swift. (33191123)
  • Facial landmarks identified by the Vision framework may flicker in temporal use cases such as video. (32406440)

Xcode Known Issues

  • Debugging a disabled Messages extension may cause Messages to crash. (33657938)

Workaround: Enable the extension before starting the debug session.

  • After a simulated iOS device starts up, it’s not possible to pull down the Lock screen. (33274699)

Workaround: Lock and unlock the simulated device and then reopen Home screen.

Notes and Known Issues


Resolved Issues

  • Under certain conditions, iTunes Store sign-in can fail when pairing. (35011633)

Workaround: Tap ‘Skip This Step’ to continue pairing and sign-in afterwards by launching Watch > General > Apple ID.

App Icons

Known Issues

  • In some cases, app icons may appear as placeholder images. (35146952)

Workaround: Uninstall and reinstall the app.

If you managed to install iOS 11.2 beta 5 on your compatible iPhone or iPad device and have noticed anything new compared to previous release, please let us know.

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