Download iOS 11.3 Public Beta 2 For Testing

You can now download iOS 11.3 public beta 2 OTA update for testing on all compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Apple has released iOS 11.3 beta 2 for public testers registered on iOS Beta Software Program almost 24-hours after the official release of the same firmware to developers on Apple Developer Program. It will immediately expand the testing pool of those putting latest pre-released seed through its paces.

Today’s release brings what the yesterday’s developer beta 2 of iOS 11.3 brought with it. As part of this second pre-release seed, Apple has pulled through a promise made by CEO to give additional power and information to the user where the battery performance and limitations are concerned. Installation of the iOS 11.3 beta 2 instantly shows up to device owners how a Battery Health feature helps in and where it’s located: At Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

On what exactly the iOS device’s Battery Health feature brings and to learn more, please hit this link: iOS 11.3 Beta 2 Release Notes, Battery Health Feature Details.

However, following all the terms and conditions, if iOS does determine that the battery inside of the device is unable to deliver peak performance capabilities, a user will be given the option of whether or not they want to toggle the power management features on or off. Beta 2 of iOS 11.3 also includes new ClassKit Framework for educational apps.

Other features include a reimagined Animoji characters which can also be utilized in iMessage communications. Those installing iOS 11.3 will experience an array of new functions in general, such as bringing back the Messages in iCloud functionality, and so on. There’s still a new Business Chat feature which allows device owners to chat with specific companies offering customer service and sales through the app.

Public testers registered on Apple Beta Software Program, and who have the beta configuration profile installed, are able to grab the latest iOS 11.3 public beta 2 downloads right now as simple over-the-air installation from Settings > General > Software Update. If you want to get iOS 11.3 Public Beta 2 IPSW file, head to to start with.

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