Apple Releases iOS 11.4 Beta 1 For iPhone And iPad

Apple has officially seeded first iOS 11.4 beta to developers for testing, just after releasing iOS 11.3 final version to all customers a few days ago. The company continues the development of its iOS mobile platform with the initial pre-release seed of iOS 11.4 to registered members of Apple Developers Program.

The release not only continues iOS 11 and the iOS platform in general but also signifies Apple’s dedication to getting the education tools it recently announced into the hands of testers.

Apple also has shown that it is committed to progressing its software-based platforms and ensuring that device owners are able to access new features and functionality with decent regularity. This time around, followed by the latest firmware version, has deliberately released the first beta build of iOS 11.4 for testing.

An update, iOS 11.3 introduced a wide range of new features like Battery Health for monitoring the status of your iPhone’s battery, Business Chat in Messages, ARKit 1.5 with augmented reality improvements, new Animoji on iPhone X, Health Records from participating medical providers, and some under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements.

Ensuring this typically means that Apple puts new versions of iOS into a pre-release state, later followed by pumping up builds out to developers prior to inviting the public to get involved in the testing action. All of the precious feedback and information will allow Apple’s engineers to get a new version ready for public consumption.

Registered developers can download the new iOS 11.4 beta from Apple’s Developer Center manually, or over-the-air if a proper configuration profile installed from the Developer Center. It appears there’s currently a bug preventing the beta profile from being downloaded, but it should be addressed soon.

Coming back to iOS 11.4 beta, the latest release starts that particular journey for the platform. This is a version of iOS that Apple briefly touched on during its recent education-focused event in Chicago, Illinois – where the company announced iPad 6 2018.

Along with the sixth-generation iPad, the company exposed the Schoolwork application for teachers and educations, iOS 11.4 also introduces the ClassKit framework which powers Schoolwork – as well as having integrations with many other Apple apps like GarageBand and iWork suite of apps – already discovered in an early iOS 11.3 beta but has now been officially declared. But we are waiting for several other features to be added to iOS 11, including iCloud Messages and AirPlay 2, functionality that has popped up in previous betas and then disappeared before release.

Hopefully, with the progression and ultimate release of iOS 11.4, this second-generation AirPlay protocol as well as Messages on iCloud feature will remain and allow users to actually start benefitting from what they offer. If you have HomePod, then iOS 11.4 also brings stereo support for an improved audio experience. Here, the feature doesn’t work properly as it requires unreleased HomePod software.

Messages on iCloud is present in the iOS 11.4 beta after being removed from iOS 11.3 ahead of its release. Apple TV devices are once again listed in the Home app, an AirPlay 2 option. At this stage on how many pre-release seeds Apple will actually push out to developers and testers where iOS 11.4 is concerned? There is no real indication of it. For now, this initial seed has been released and is available for all developers to download and install.

If already having beta configuration installed, iOS 11.4 beta 1 can be installed as OTA update directly from Settings > General > Software Update. For IPSW download, head over to to get started.

And, we’ll update you whenever iOS 11.4 public beta is available to download, those part of Apple Beta Software Program.

Update x1: To learn on what is new in this release, check out: iOS 11.4 Beta 1 Release Notes And Changes: What’s New In This Release?.

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