Download: Apple Releases iOS 11.4.1 Final Version

Another day, another version Apple has given iPhone and iPad owners a chance to download the final release of iOS mobile platform. Once again, the company has released the final version of iOS 11.4.1 with immediate effect, rolling out an over-the-air as well as IPSW download.

Currently, the development community is fully focused on Apple’s iOS 12 platform and talking about all of its changes which are going to be brought to compatible devices when it actually lands later in the fall.

However, the focus right now has to be on iOS 11.4.1 as is the latest version of Apple’s iOS firmware to go live to the public. With that in hand, everyone will have immediate access to all of the new features and functionality introduced with that platform. So, if you can remove iOS 12 from your radar, then you have a version of iOS ready to be installed, right away.

It has been in talks before in iOS 11.4.1-related posts, but this particular release is by no means one of Apple’s best or more in-depth platform releases. Given the fact that, the versioning suggests, this is very much a bug fixer and a minor point release that has been designed to remove a number of issues which were identified with the release of iOS 11.4. As of now, we know, iOS 11.4 – the version which proceeded this release, was a fairly decent release comprising of the integration of AirPlay 2, Messages on iCloud, and of course, a few other tweaks and titbits which definitely showcased the fact that Apple wants to keep adding new features and functions where possible.

iOS 11.4.1 release, on the other hand, acts as the post-release glue to try and stick everything together. Nevertheless, this is a version that also gives all iPhone and iPad owners an opportunity to get their hands on it and put devices to a position of stability prior to iOS 12 coming into play later this year. Owners already having a 64-bit compatible iPhone or iPad, and you want to be part of on the latest publicly available version of Apple’s platform, and you’re happy to admit that this is about stability rather than features, then iOS 11.4.1 is where you need to be.

You can launch the Settings app on your device, navigate to General > Software Update to get the latest iOS 11.4.1 download as an OTA update. Alternatively, you can grab the official IPSW download for yourself from the links below. Enjoy the latest release treat prior to iOS 12 final version arrival.

iOS 11.4.1 Download IPSW Direct Links:

Update: Check out the iOS 11.4.1 Changelog here:  iOS 11.4.1 Final Release Notes, Changes, Security Content: Full Changelog Of What’s New.

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