Download iOS 12 Public Beta 2 And Install It The Right Way, Here’s How

Apple has finally made first public beta of iOS 12 available to registered members – with the Apple Beta Software Program – to test the software update ahead of its official release in the fall.

This availability means even if you are not a registered developer, you can now officially get iOS 12 on your compatible iPhone or iPad. In order to take full advantage of the slickness of the platform, we have been given detailed instructions.

Before you dive into the steps follow up, we strongly recommend that you do not install this on your primary device. After all, it is pre-release firmware could have bugs and have issues which you may not be able to live with on a daily basis. If you’re happy to proceed on that situation, then follow the steps below.

Step 1: The device you have right now should be running the latest public version of iOS platform. If your iPhone isn’t running so, then make sure it’s updated. At this time of writing this guide, Ios 11.4 is the only latest public version of iOS available.

Step 2: Get your hands on the beta software. You need to be registered with Apple first. Head on over to the official Apple Beta Software Program and get yourself registered:

Step 3: If you already signed up for this particular Apple program, then sign in with your credentials into the website – provided Apple ID and password.

Step 4: Now, the site will be presented with Apple’s terms and conditions which govern the Beta Software Program. Scroll through all of the text and select the Accept button to continue.

Step 5: You will then need to install configuration profile for public betas on your device. To do that, navigate to on the device itself. If you’re prompted, then sign-in with the relevant details and then install the relevant profile to the device using the Download Profile button.

Step 6: Continue with the installation process, which is fairly self-explanatory. Be aware that if you have an Apple Watch connected then you may be asked which device you want to install the profile to. Select iPhone.

Step 7: Once installed, and when prompted. Select Restart to reboot the device. When the iPhone or iPad has come back to life, launch the Settings app and navigate to General > Software Update and wait for OTA update to pop-up for iOS 12 public beta 2. Public beta 1 is same as beta 2 released to developers last week.

Simply download and install it over-the-air as you manually would. Once the device reboots, you will have full access to iOS 12.

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