Kodi 17.3 Download With Fix For Missing Add-Ons Issue Released

You can now download Kodi 17.3 APK for Android, alongside an executable file for other platforms, with a fix for missing add-ons issue and more among other things.

The developer team of Kodi media center has been hard at work ironing out the kinks in their popular system the past couple of days. Just recently rolled out what was primarily a security patch for the new vulnerability that could see the software fall victim to attacks by way of subtitle ZIP files. The update released as, dubbed 17.2, which might have come packed with a few minor bug fixes to go along with protection against malicious subtitles. Now, it looks like its hasty rollout might have introduced some new issues to resolve.

The official blog post announcing the same was updated to highlight a couple of new minor bugs that needed fixing. Not long after Kodi 17.2 has been released, those minor fixes wouldn’t come bundled in a small patch, but a version bump to 17.3, now available to download.

About the issues this time around, as explained by the updated blog post includes missing add-ons and a second, unnamed bug .exe to Ubuntu 14.04. Apparently, certain add-ons “like PVR, visualtization and Inputstream” had gone totally missing due to a “packaging issue.”

Obviously, there are no new features or cosmetic changes to speak of here, but it might seem like too much work having to update the app twice in two days. With two updates rolled out back in a couple of days, it is possible a majority of users are still experiencing version 17.1 in which case this update is an essential one to cure, as it plugs a particularly nasty security flaw.

The last thing one needs is to have their media player installed. The update will take time to roll out across all channels, with Android variant available from the Play Store already at version 17.3. Android version APK of Kodi 17.3 is also made available to download from here for those devices which does not have Play Store.

You can, right away, download 17.3 for your desired platform as well from the official download page directly at kodi.tv/download.

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