Download And Install Kodi 17.3 On iOS 10 iPhone Or iPad Without Jailbreak

Here’s how to download and sideload or install Kodi 17.3 IPA on your iOS 10 powered iPhone or iPad the easy way. No jailbreak is required for this to work. Best of all is detailed.

Breaking news media fans; as Kodi 17.3 is now available for non-jailbroken devices, meaning that just about any iOS 10-compatible devices is now capable of running the latest Kodi 17.3 Krypton release. As tipped earlier, you don’t even need a jailbreak to install it.

But it’s also worth putting that release into context and understanding what’s been changed and what actually its primary focus of the new release is. Always it’s been great to see a team of developers, engineers, and creatives release a new version of a particular platform that consumers are fervent about. This new version 17.3 of Kodi is definitely predominantly a security and patch fix which solves some of the issues that managed to creep into Kodi 17.2. Specifically, these fixes particularly provided in version 17.3 are outlined below:

  • Fixed missing binary add-ons on release time
  • Fixed crash on older distros like Ubuntu 14.04 with GCC 4.8 compiler

Those changes and recreations or fixes are in addition to the improvements and of course compatibility updates that were bundled into the recently released 17.2 version. In short, the Kodi 17.2 included critical security fixes, which came with a couple of oversights that never made it into the light of the day. These have now been fixed altogether, leaving Kodi 17.3 as the prime release that Kodi 17.2 should have been.

All of the mentioned changes, and likely a slew of additional updates and under-the-hood improvements which haven’t been mentioned, are already in place with the Kodi 17.3 release. Without jailbreaking your iOS devices running with the latest version, all you need to do is grab the IPA file from here (includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Kodi), preparing your device mentally for that installation. Yes, you should follow the installation instructions for sideloading IPA files.

Owners with iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 ready for the primetime, you find yourself in a position to go through the full Kodi 17.3 installation process, carry on reading for full guide on how to do exactly that. With the IPA in your reach, you simply need to follow our previous steps on the installation process right here. Have fun with media entertainment on your devices. Get the Kodi 17.3 Android APK version downloadable from here.

Update x1: Kodi 17.4 Nightly build is now available to download for Android, iOS, Windows Mac and all other platforms.

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