Download: Kodi 17.5 Nightly Alpha For Android, iOS, Windows, Mac Released

You are free to download Kodi 17.5 Krypton Alpha APK for Android, IPA for iOS, Windows, Mac and more now. Here are the details.

After pushing out Kodi 17.4 final release to the public three days ago, the Kodi team has now released the first post-Kodi 17.4 build, offering compatibility for those running on an iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS-powered device.

With this entry, it’s becoming more difficult to keep up with the pace in which Kodi team is pushing through refinements. The final version of Kodi 17.4 made its way into the public remain all other supported platforms 72-hours ago.

The team has continued the hard work which has taken the platform to the mature point that it’s at right now. That work has literally seen a new Nightly build being released for the aforementioned support platforms and is labelled as 17.4, but since it’s released after the final version of 17.4. It’s safe to assume that this will be renamed to 17.5 in the later Nightly releases.

However, the Kodi team hasn’t issued any official release notes or changelog with the Nightly Alpha release. Given the history of Kodi, and the fact this has come almost immediately after the final Kodi 17.4 release. It comes with a multitude of under-the-hood bug fixes, and security patches pushed to make the software more stable. And usable across all supported platforms.

Specifically for iPhone, Kodi 17.4 final release includes multiple changes, a fix for native keyboards in iOS 11. There were also critical fixes put in place for Windows platform where Python was causing crashes. Also see the removal of an annoying crash on Android caused by certain keymaps.

The team will now be hard at work on the next major version of the platform, the Kodi v18. We’ll continue to see updates like this one for Krypton being pushed out. As you can download right now for iOS, Windows, Android, or Mac from here.

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