Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1 Released For iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, More

Kodi, the most popular media center app with a new hope is finally starting to head towards a final release. The Xbox Media Center project has now evolved as an official Alpha 1 version of Kodi 18 Leia, which can be downloaded for a whole raft of devices including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Android TV, and more.

According to the Kodi and co. team, they are happy to announce that “we are bringing you the first official pre-release Alpha build to a galaxy near you.” Until today, we have only had access to nightly and pre-alpha preview builds that were not quite ready for prime time.

Kodi 18 Leia Alpha 1 is now available to download and install but is far from completion. Here what we list the Builds we have found to best working, it’s in a better position than anything that came before it for v18 Leia. This release is still not complete, however, we don’t know when this will make its way out of Alpha and be ready to launch as an official, stable release.

You might also wonder when we will actually release this as a final version? Currently we don’t really have a set time however it should at least be somewhere this year so. There’s still enough room left for improvements however we could change our minds at any point in time and just call it ready enough to start the release cycle. In short we can’t say or promise anything. For now we will start doing the Alpha release on a regular bases to bring further balance to the force.

There’s plenty gone right into it, with this release too. With v18 Leia being a big refresh of software that a lot of people rely on for this media consumption.

Now we got that part covered here’s what actually happened over the past year. To this point in time we’ve done:
-More than 6140 (code chunks changed)
-More than 1911 pull-requests (collection of commits that were included in one go)
-More than 7776 changed files
-More than 350.000 code lines removed
-More than 397.000 code lines added
-Over 35 opensource developers
-A lot of free time developing and testing these changes

With changes to how Live TV and the Music Library are handled, along with a number of changes to the Windows and UMP releases, we now also have Kodi back on the Xbox One, where it all began. While not yet done the release from the Windows Store to the Xbox One has caused many to look for working Builds and Addons. Installing them into Kodi 18 is almost the same as with Kodi 17 with a few minor variations.

Using VPN with Kodi is always recommended for privacy and security, which is Kodi friendly, has no logs, and unlimited bandwidth. If you like to live life on the bleeding edge then you can download this new version right now from kodi.tv/download as an APK for Android, Android TV, IPA/DEB for iOS and tvOS, and exclusively as an executable for Windows, Mac and other platforms as well. Although it is very much worth remembering that this is called an alpha release for a reason.

Since Kodi 18 Leia is so new and not yet finished, this post is a work in progress that will be changing time to time, as soon as any information or updates attached to this. Stay tuned!

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