Kodi 18 Alpha 2 Download Released For iOS, Android, Windows, Mac And Xbox One

Those longtime Kodi users have received a good update of v18 Leia, and today we have a new Alpha 2 build with which to play. Here are the details you need to know about it.

What’s new in Kodi v18 Leia? Well, it’s still early in the development process, but a beta release is apparently around the corner once the pre-release of Leia Alphas are taken care of. For now, there are still some rough edges to be smoothed out, and we will be keeping an eye on what v18 Leia is turning into.

Kodi v18 Leia Alpha is Released 2

The first alpha build of Leia was made available for people to test three months ago and there is no full changelog available for this update, while that’s said there’s still plenty to get the teeth into.

We have been relatively quiet for a while and several months have past since the first pre-release Alpha build. Today we present you the second official Alpha build in this pre-release trilogy. It is a continuation of the first one which was released beginning of March and contains our continuous battle against the dark side that consist of bugs and usability problems.

However, the Kodi team is keen to point that this current release is actually stable through its own testing phase and that of users. There is also the obvious point that this is an alpha build so we would heartily recommend against installing this if you cannot afford to run into issues. You can still install it if you like and download links are available via the Kodi website.

(Kodi 18’s Live TV feature)

Once you downloaded this new alpha build files, you will be greeted by quite a few changes including those relating to how Live TV and recording is handled as well as the move to Kodi being a full 64-bit application for Windows. Improvements to the Xbox experience have also been made and SMB v2 and v3 will now work as advertised, too.

Before you go and grab it do check out the full Kodi V18 Leia Alpha 2 blog post here for the full rundown of what users can get if they dip the toe into this particular release as it is today.

In order to download Kodi 18 Leua Alpha 2 for iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox One – head over to kodi.tv/downloads.

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