LiberiOS 11.0.1 Update For iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak Released, Here’s What Is New

Developer and hacker have recently released LiberiOS jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 devices, has now pushed out an updated version into the mix of jailbreaking community. The jailbreak built a slew of improvements and fixes. Here are the details you want to know about it.

As expected, Jonathan Levin’s release comes relatively quickly after the initial release of LiberiOS jailbreak and looks to directly address the issues of that release.

First of all, the latest version 11.0.1 of LiberiOS jailbreak adds support for all 64-bit devices running firmware version between iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2, discarding iOS 11.2.1 from the scene, thanks to the addition of new offsets. In addition to this, newer version also incorporates a brand new UI that looks much more pleasing to the eye.

What’s next? Of course, the stability improvements have also been added due to “proper cleanup”, which means it shouldn’t crash on you and provide a more accurate experience with less chance of failure.

This latest version of LiberiOS is yet to include fully working version of Cydia Installer and Cydia Substrate though. That part will be taking over by Jay Freeman ‘Saurik’ to resolve and offer. As we all know that saurik is already working on it, it’s just a time we don’t know when will the updated bits from him hit the public channel on iOS 11.

For the time being, you can of course still use LiberiOS to jailbreak your iOS 11.1.x device. Cydia and Substrate can easily be installed later on whenever they are updated and ready for use on iOS 11 devices.

You can grab the latest and improved version of LiberiOS (bugs free) from the official site here. Once downloaded, simply follow our guide here to jailbreak properly: Jailbreak iOS 11 / 11.1.2 Using LiberiOS, Here’s How [Tutorial].

No problem even if you already are jailbroken on 11.1.x using the previous version of LiberiOS, you can simply delete the LiberiOS app from the Home screen and reinstall the app by sideloading it using Cydia Impactor as explained in our aforementioned guide.

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