MovieBox For iPhone-Like LiveBox TV Streaming iOS App Released

What’s have proven to be extremely popular in recent times would be these live streaming media services. Apps like MovieBox and PlayBox HD for iPhones and iPads, and which includes the very prominent Popcorn Time service. Streaming movies and all is one thing, which doesn’t lie within Hollywood blockbusters or popular TV series, but within actual live, streaming television?

Before we explain about the alternative to MovieBox for iOS smartphones and tablets, we have already settled with Bobby MovieBox, and what we has managed to discover is, there’s another kid on the clock called LiveBox that could be right up your street. That too if you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch hands-on.



* A jailbroken iOS 8.x, or 9.0/9.0.1/9.0.2 iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices.
* Knowing how to add additional repository sources to Cydia.

How to get LiveBox on jailbroken iOS device:

Step 1: First of all, you’re going to need to add the relevant repo of the app to Cydia. Launch Cydia, select ‘Sources‘ and hit ‘Edit‘.

Step 2: Next, select the Add option to bring up a text field where the new repository can be added. Add the following repository address:

Step 3: Use the Search functionality within Cydia and type “LiveBox” into the search bar. This will find the app based on the previously entered repository.

Step 4: Select and install the LiveBox app through confirming the usual mechanisms.

Step 5: Exit out of Cydia by pressing the Home button on your device to navigate back to the Home screen, and launch the LiveBox iOS app.

Step 6: The main interface of the LiveBox app shows a constantly growing, tabled list of the available channels. Simply tap on one to select it and start streaming the content.

Notably, the app does provide a built-in ability to report broken streams and it’s fair to say that there has to be a certain understanding that these types of streaming services regularly come and go for a reason, unofficially. Like that have attempted to offer a similar service, likely that streams will on occasion either be offline or disappear altogether.

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