Download: Microsoft Edge For iPad Browser Arrives In Beta

Microsoft made its Edge web browser available to iOS and Android users back in November of last year, promising it would be bringing an iPad version to market in due course. The software maker is now updating its Edge iOS preview app to include iPad support, and officially released a beta version to test.

Now, ahead of giving everyone access to the app, Microsoft has made a beta version of Edge for iOS available for the iPad today. If you are a Microsoft Edge for iOS testers, then you can download it right immediately via TestFlight.

It is built specifically for the iPad, Edge beta version gives us a scaled up version of the iPhone app and it also includes all of the features that makes Edge popular among PC users. Top of those is the “continue on PC” feature that allows web browsing to take place on one device and then move to another. As expected, this is most definitely available in early beta state.

The latest version of Edge built for the iPad is rather a basic app, Microsoft hasn’t included Native iOS 11 Split-screen support, so you can’t run the browser alongside another app. That’s disappointing though, but it’s still in preview so that support may arrive before the browser is released for all iPad users.

Another feature that will be hugely popular among iPad users is the option to change between a light and dark theme, something that both iOS and Android users have been asking for system-wide for a long time now, with individual apps doing a semi-reasonable job for filling the void.

Of course, there are a number of things missing from this release. Users will not be able to sync tabs between a PC and an iPad or iPhone version of Edge yet, but Microsoft does say that it is on its way. For everyone else, the main Edge for iOS should be updated with iPad support to arrive on the App Store in the coming months, although no exact date has been announced.

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