Download: Microsoft Pix For iOS Camera Automatically Snaps And Edit Photos For The Best Possible Picture

Microsoft has made available to download Pix camera app for iPhone and iPad, that helps you take better photos, also imitates Apple’s own Live Photos.

This will be the second iOS app released by Microsoft into the App Store, Pix can be used as a substitute for the stock camera app present on the iPhone. Pix enhances you photos as they’re shot with your phone without any extra effort. And more there to speak about Microsoft Pix app.

The camera app Pix comes equipped with artificial intelligence, face recognition, computational photography and video stabilization. It even analyze scenes and automatically tweaks ISO, exposure, white balance, contrast, and other useful settings.

When there is an automated photo taking option inside the Microsoft Pix, you are able to snap a picture, it looks at what’s in frame, then adjusts focus, color, and exposure. It also snaps a burst of shots before and after you tap the shutter button, and if you’re shooting a moving object you’ll have a selection of images to choose from. By the way, the burst mode also helps if you’re a little shaky with the photo, as it will pick most stable image from the bunch.

Talking about motion technology, Pic automatically creates a short looping video much like Apple’s Live Photos anytime it detects motion., which combines a series of still shots captured in the burst mode into a single, looping video. Pix is not exactly a magic worker, but nevertheless, with moving objects or simple photography problems like rear lighting, Pix seems to do a good job of correcting photos.

For seasoned photographers it doesn’t catch the mind, but for every day user, Pix finally becoming a usful app to have around. Alternatively, it also helps you take better videos and lets you shoot Hyperlapse Videos that can be automatically stabilized for smooter playback, and can be time lapsed and saved at many different speeds.

(Download Microsoft Pix for iPhone on iTunesĀ  App Store)

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