Download MovieBox 3.3.1 For iOS 8.3 With No Jailbreak Required

MovieBox, one of the top most app talked in recent times is back again with an updated version 3.3.1 to work on iOS 8.3. No Jailbreak needed to get full- on free access to a myraid of movies on your iPhone or iPad. MovieBox needed to be running an older version of Apple’s mobile OS previously, but now it has jumped to the latest version to support the newer iOS firmware to take advantage of the app.

Still available via vshare without a jailbreak for those who don’t want to panic of doing such things, MovieBox version 3.3.1 can be downloaded via the usual methods, however, there are doubts regarding an app that offers so much but asks for so little. Or in the case of MovieBox, asks for nothing at all.

Obviously not, nor its install method isn’t that easy and a simple case of oping over to the App Store and installing MovieBox app from there, cause it wouldn’t make it through Apple’s review process, though. Other apps of a similar vain include Popcorn Time for iOS, and that obviously requires installation via a computer in order to avoid Apple’s security checks.

Apple on the other hand will no doubt work to close whatever loopholes are being used in order to get apps like these installed without the need to jailbreak, but nevertheless they are available right now. If you think you fine with apps like MovieBox and Popcorn Time, you can head over and download them right away.

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