MovieBox Alternative Bobby Movie Box Creep Into The iOS App Store

There are plenty of trending applications on the stores and some review process nightmares causes a scramble amongst iPhone owners to grab it while it’s still live. App Store’s popular apps like MovieBox and PlayBox HD, which are digitally signed using enterprise certificates to bypass Apple’s security mechanisms, is only matched by the furious anger that overcomes those trying to use them when certificates are revoked at a higher level. Now that it looks like the review team of Apple’s App Store has let one slip after the extremely MovieBox-substitute Bobby Movie Box app – gone live for iPad, iPhone on App Store.

Bobby Movie Box is now settled in the App Store, albeit for probably a very short period of time, a lot of the complexity and uncertainly around enterprise certification has been removed. Applications like MovieBox and PlayBox HD been popular due to the reason to the functionality that they offer. In essence, they evidently allow immediate streaming access to a huge array of new, top and popular movies, entirely free-of-charge.

The trade-off being that those interacting with the apps have to put aside their morality when doing so due to the fact they provide access to content that would otherwise be chargeable via more legitimate services. Functionality that this particular Bobby Movie Box app offers is pretty well documented, though, look at the app as an overall piece of work.

Once downloaded and launched the app, what you would expect from the app is the interface is pretty much good of this nature and does a great job of providing visual and actual access to the content that it sneaks. There’s an immediate Top Picks section that provides curated best content, as well as a quick list of trending content so that you can interact with the things that other people are viewing and consuming regularly around the world.

You will find the ability to bookmark individual content for quick and efficient access to it at any given time. Full screen access allows all streamed content to be viewed in high-definition and finally, it’s an interesting that this extreme app has managed to not only get past the review team, but also that it has had updates and continues to be worked on without being flagged up as an app to remove from the store. Grab it?

(Download: Bobby Movie Box for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)

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