Download MovieBox For iOS 9 [No Jailbreak Required]

Moviebox, the streaming app that impressively gives us free access to a myraid of movies on your iPhone or iPad, has been updated to work on iOS 9 without requiring jailbreak. Previously, those who wished to take control over MovieBox needed to be running an older version 1OS 8.3 of Apple’s mobile OS.

Through vshare it is still available without a jailbreak for those who don’t want to hassle f doing such things, MovieBox version 3.3.5 can be downloaded via the usual methods, the app in the case of MovieBox asks for nothing at all.

Obviously, going through the install method isn’t simple enough where the case of poping over to the App Store and installing the MovieBox app there, because it wouldn’t make it through Apple’s review process and, in all honesty, rightly so. Other apps of a similar equation include Popcorn Time for iOS, and that requires installation via a computer in order to avoid Apple’s security checks.

Apple is such company that will no doubt work to close whatever loopholes are being used in order to get apps like these installed without the need to jailbreak, but until then they are available right now. If you’re fine with apps like MovieBox and Popcorn Time, you can go ahead and download them right now.

With that being said, MovieBox, like so many others similar, offers a clean, easy-to-navigate user interface that makes it very easy for users to watch movies, and the fact that there’s a jailbreak-free workaround means that anybody can use it. Of course – but even though it’s not available at the App Store, doesn’t mean to say you can’t check it out.

If you are still interested though, you can install MovieBox for iOS 9 without jailbreak from vshare.


Follow these steps to download and install MovieBox on your iOS 9 running devices:

  • Launch Safari browser on your device.
  • Go to
  • Wait until the page is loaded.
  • Once it is loaded, you will see download button.
  • Tap on that download button.
  • As soon as you tap it, you will be asked via popup box. Confirm that to start the installation of MovieBox on your device.

And wait until MovieBox for iOS 9 installation is finished. Once successfully done, you will see Moviebox icon on your iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch homescreen from where you can launch it to start enjoying your favorite TV shows or movies.

For MovieBox 3.3.4 here and version 3.3.3 from here.

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