Download: New Photography Apps “Storyboard, Selfissimo!, Scrubbies” For iOS And Android Released

Google has made available for download Storyboard, Selfissimo!, and Scrubbies for iOS and Android platforms, all as free-of-cost installations.

Google has announced the three new photography apps as “appsperiments,” which to the company, basically means that each application is a functional piece of complete software in its own right. The release of these new photography apps was revealed via its Research Blog, and said, is built on top of experimental technology that is still being developed internally by various departments within the company.

Here are the three new photography apps Google released

The first release, Storyboard, is currently only being offered for Android devices. This app takes a provided video clip, rips out six frames from that video using its own internal logic and processing, and lays the frames out in a gorgeously looking template redolent of a fairly designed comic book.

A refresh of the app will give you a new layout using new frames chosen from a possible 1.6 trillion combinations, according to Google.

For iOS-only release, Google is offering an app called Scrubbies. This particular app will appeal to those budding DJs out there who want to transfer their work to video as it lets them quickly remix videos by “scrubbing” in order to create imaginative loops.

There’s another wonderful app named Selfissimo!, which is available for both iPhone and Android. Finally, being a selfie lover, and love the black or white style of photos, then you definitely like what Google has done here. Selfissimo! is designed to capture selfie-takers dancing around and stopping every now and then for that selfie to be automatically captured.

All of the apps Google released are available to download right now from the links provided below.

(Download: Storyboard for Android from Google Play)
(Download: Scrubbies for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)
(Download: Selfissimo! for iPhone and iPad from the App Store)
(Download: Selfissimo! for Android from Google Play)

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