Microsoft Releases Office 2019 For Mac Preview, Here’s How To Get It [Download]

Microsoft has been in testing Office 2019 apps for Windows business users back in April and has today started a new preview program for Mac Enterprise users. Like the Windows version, the Mac offering is designed for the business that isn’t using Office 365 with all the latest features and updates. The company has now announced that Office 2019 will be available as a preview for Mac machines with immediate effect.

In fact, Microsoft also updates Office 365, while these individual releases of Office are only available to those hesitant to move to the cloud. And this latest Office 2019 preview will be available internally to businesses who have yet to take the move over to Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 offering.

Inside Office 2019 for Mac will include a roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations across all Office apps. Microsoft, of course, would prefer the masses of its customer base to actually move across to its Office 365 subscription package, but for those who haven’t done that yet, or who choose not to for their own reasons, it offers a yearly update of Office that allows businesses to handle all of their productivity needs.

This preview for Mac customers is an offering of the latest Microsoft version of that Office suite of products and is fully featured and functional. By the way, the release for business Mac users includes access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, too.

Microsoft is also bringing focus mode to Word, alongside a new translator, and accessibility improvements and will ultimately ship alongside Office 2019 for Windows during the second half of this year. With this particular release, the Redmond-based company has also included an array of new features and functionality that will dramatically improve the internal experience:

Updates include the roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations across Office apps; focus mode in Word; Morph transitions, in-click sequence, and 4k video export in PowerPoint; new charts and functions in Excel; and focused inbox in Outlook. These features are already included in Office 365 ProPlus but are not available in Office for Mac 2016.

Something like Morph transitions, SVG and 3D model support, play in-click sequence, and 4K video export are all coming right into PowerPoint. New funnel charts, 2D maps, and functions (CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH) will be available in Excel. The mainly focused inbox feature of Outlook mobile and desktop is also coming to the Mac version with Office 2019 release, along with @ mentions, email templates, read and delivery receipts, and scheduled delivery of emails.

In addition to new ones baked into the array of apps within Office 2019, the new suite will also include a set of command-line tools that, as Microsoft puts it, “will allow IT admins to centrally control how and when Office updates are applied to users’ devices.” This feels like a much optimized, and much more grown-up version of Office.

For those who are interested in this Office 2019 for Mac preview, the company has placed a “how to participate” website here which allows businesses to sign-up for its Commercial Preview program, including all of the prerequisites before a business can actually sign-up. Try it now!

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