Download PlayBox HD For iOS 9.1 With No Jailbreak Required

The popular Popcorn Time is a movie streaming service after its progressive discontinuation lefts its users looking for an alternative that offers similar functionality. Well, we’ve already given you a chance for that with the introduction of MovieBox available to download and install onto Apple’s iOS 9 compatible devices without the need of a jailbreak. Supports iOS 9.1, but nevertheless, here you have another substitute app, called PlayBox HD. Now available via the same mechanisms, that never needs any hack or else jailbreak for iOS. Offers a very similar experience with a different interface and user rejoice.

Version 2.0 of the app is available to download and install PlayBox HD on iPhones and iPads running iOS 9.0, 9.0.1, 9.0.2, or 9.1. Jailbreak is not required and increasingly popular app, essentially a morally devoid way of accessing top movies, cartoon series and TV shows, competes in terms of functionality with the likes of MovieBox, but also comes with a number of differences that may end up appealing to a very different subset of users looking for this type of functionality on an non-jailbroken iPad or iPhone.

PlayBox HD has been around for quite sometime now, developed and made available by developer Tri Nguyen, like MovieBox it is available via the vShare market and can easily be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad via the similar method, how you used with the installation of MovieBox on your iOS 9.1.

For those individuals new to software such as vShare, or apps like PlayBox HD, it’s not quite as easy as simple hitting the App Store, performing a search, and getting the app downloaded is an instant.

Once again, like MovieBox, PlayBox HD is on Apple’s radar due to the fact that it not only contravenes the company guidelines, but also because it’s morally questionable and utilizes Enterprise Certificates to make the installation possible by bypassing Apple’s internal iOS device security, designed to prevent installations of this nature. However, still managed to navigate and find your way on to the vShare, then it’s very simple process to locate PlayBox HD and install it, that too without requiring any jailbreak.

Encountered any issues with launching the app in iOS 9, then check out the bottom of our guide on how to bypass that pitfall:  Download MovieBox 3.3.7 For iOS 9 / 9.1 Without Jailbreak.

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