Pokemon Go 0.59.2 Android Version Game Announced, Here Are The Details

Download of Pokemon Go 0.59.2 APK for Android has been announced. Here is what you need to know about this release.


A new Pokemon Go update is about to be released. Niantic Labs made an announcement that version 0.59.2 for Android is going to roll out. A new and wonderful Pokemon Go version for those who interact with the title on an Android device is upcoming. The San-Fransisco-based development house has let Trainers know that v0.59.2 is on its way, but only for the Android version of the game, leaving iOS in the dark for now.

Unfortunately, though, this is one of the minor updates which Niantic Labs going to release. With no new features or anything too oteworthy; Niantic’s tweet simply says that it includes minor bug fixes.

Niantic typically announces these updates to both the iOS and Android version of the game at the same time with a post on their website, but this time they have not done as usual, again indicating that this is relatively insignificant and not even worthy of writing full patch notes for.

Granted, those updates usually include new outward facing functionality and improvements – no matter how small – but this time around it is only the Android smartphones and tablets which will benefit. With that said, given the information contained in the tweet, Niantic is purely bringing some improvements and fixes to the table rather than offering shiny new functionality to Android users and leaving behind those on iOS in dark:

Trainers, Pokémon GO is being updated to version 0.59.2 for Android with minor bug fixes.

It remains to be seen which bugs will be fixed in this version 0.59.2, but nevertheless, there are a fair amount of options. One of that has become especially prominent in recent days is a glitch in which the “sightings” tab appears to be completely empty, when they are Pokemon nearby and even when the player is standing still. However, this similar glitch also appears on iOS devices, and so it probably is not fixed by this Android-specific update version.

A number of recent updates, available via the Google Play Store, have fully focused on trying to make the game a lot more stable and enoyable for those opting to run it on an Android device. Niantic has already bundled in fixes as part of its efforts to try and make the game load much faster and quicker on Android, meaning that Trainers no longer have to wait for extended periods of time to get into the action. With improvements on how the Android version connects to and interacts with the Pokemon Go Plus accessory for those who really take their Pokemon experience seriously is to be witnessed.


This release is clearly the latest line a continuing effort to try and improve Pokemon Go for the millions and millions of Android users around the globe, and is likely a pre-cursor to what will likely be an additional release in the not too distant future for both Android and iOS to introduce some new levels of functionality that will extend the title’s proposition and bring in some new users.

Already being a Pokemon Trainer, and use an Android device, make sure you keep an eye on the Google Play Store for that update as it may go live in your local region Play Store any time now.

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