Download Pokemon Go 1.7.1 For iOS, 0.37.1 For Android [Includes New Stages]


Niantic has made available for download Pokemon Go 1.7.1 for iOS, 0.37.1 for Android. With the free update, Niantic and Nintendo added the Buddy Pokemon feature to the game which has been well received amongst gamers now.

The update, which should by now surfaced in your Apple Store or Google Play Store depending on your location, brings with it minor bug fixes rather than huge new feature additions this time around, and given the immediate turnaround from the last big update that only just arrived a week before. Presumably, those fixes are some that much-needed to be released sooner rather than later.

The official changelog for the new Pokemon Go version 1.7.1 on iOS and 0.37.1 on Android gets minor corrections to some in-game text have been made, while a Pokemon Go Plus stability improvement has also made it into the release accordingly.

To detail the update, Niantic has included better support for Pokemon Go Plus wearable which has only been available for purchase. The Android version has a couple more additions when compared to the one released for iOS, which is somewhat interesting, and the developer making it easier to select smaller Pokemon on the damn screen and fixing animations related to the way eggs sometimes hatch.

Overall, think bug fixes and you should have this Pokemon Go update covered whether you are an iOS user or an Android user. Now that the dust has begun to settle though, Pokemon Go is like every other game on iOS and Android. Nevertheless, it needs to engage its user base and make itself the only game smartphone owners simply must try.


Bug fixes are a decent start, at least.

Finally, this latest Pokemon Go can be downloaded from both the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store right away.

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