Download And Install Pokemon Go++ 1.23.1 IPA On Your iOS Device Without Jailbreak

Here’s full step-by-step guide on how to download the latest hacked version of Pokémon GO++ 1.23.1 IPA (Poke Go++) on iOS without a jailbreak required.

Niantic’s Pokémon GO has made almost $1 billion in 2016, but why is Pokémon GO still so week? As the past year was a very strong year for many reasons we won’t get into here, but one thing that made it extremely weird was Pokémon GO. A cultural phenomenon when it launched over the summer, where, you could go anyplace and mobs of people were playing the game, but naturally, it was a much more solitary experience just a few weeks later.

Now, we have some idea on how much money the company made on Pokémon GO last year—mobile research firm App Annie pegs it at $950 million. Of course, Pokemon Go could have changed mobile gaming, but it seems like the only thing it’s good at is making money. Mistakes Niantic made with the benefit of hindsight. For one, the Android version of Pokémon GO was not region-locked. Only the Play Store download v1.53.1 was locked to specific regions. Thus, downloading the APK would get complete access even if the game wasn’t officially launched in your country.

Apart that, Niantic has released the latest version of Pokémon GO 1.23.1 for iPhone and iPad devices recently. If you have on an older version of Pokémon GO++ installed, it will not work as you’ll be forced to update.

About Pokémon GO++ – it’s a hack for Pokemon Go that allows you to bypass certain restrictions of the game by letting you walk around the map with a joystick, set the movement speed, spoof your location and much more. Rather than having to play the game the way the developers intended, many iPhone and iPad owners have wanted to enjoy tweaks that bring additional capabilities into the game, such as being able to tap on the screen to walk to new locations right from the content of their couch at home.

It’s now possible to actually have the functionality without needing to be jailbroken by sideloading a custom hacked version of the latest 1.23.1 of Pokemon Go app (also known as Pokemon Go++) for iOS with all the cheats enabled in the app. Let’s look at how.

Warning: Pokemon Go is a server-side game, and that a lot of game functionality is served to devices remotely via Niantic’s servers. Meaning that the company has the ability to detect an account as using a hack like this and potentially block/ban that account permanently from the game. Take that into account before proceeding.

Thankfully, with the help of Cydia Impactor, it’s now possible.


* A computer, either running Windows or OS X/macOS.
* An iOS device capable of running iOS 9 or over.
* The latest version of iTunes installed.


Step 1: First up again, you have to not an older version of Pokemon Go installed on your device will need to deleted from.

Step 2: Download Cydia Impactor from if you don’t already have it. This is one of the best tools that allows IPA files to be signed as official and sideloaded onto a device.

Step 3: Download the IPA file for the hacked version of Pokemon Go 1.23.1 for iOS from here.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Mac or PC via USB.

Step 5: On you PC or Mac, now launch the Cydia Impactor tool. Drag the Pokemon Go IPA file that you downloaded in Step 3 above on to the Cydia Impactor interface.

Step 6: When asked, enter the email address and password of a valid Apple ID to proceed. It’s somewhat important ti note that these need to be the acount details of an active, valid Apple account. We’d suggest using a burner ID, just in case.

Step 7: When presented with an “Apple Developer Warning,” click OK to proceed.

Step 8: Launch the Settings app and head to Settings > General > Profiles & Devices Management. On some versions of iOS, this will be Settings > General > Device Management or Settings > General > Profile.

Step 9: Under the Apple ID used to sign the IPA file, tap on the Trust[Apple ID]” option, and then tap Trust again in the popup.

Step 10: The app should now be verified, and will launch at will.

And that’s all. As long as Location Services are turned on for the newly installed app via Settings > Privacy, you should be able to launch and play Pokemon Go as normal, but with the addition of another cheat tweaks that makes the game a lot easier.


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